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Baldacci - Private Reserve

Baldacci The Beast, better known as “The Face Of LA” is a Mexican-American rapper from South Central Los Angeles.  His ability to vividly tell his life story through music, matched with the legitimate love from the streets, has seen Baldacci work with artists such as Yelawolf, KXNG Crooked, Baby Bash, Paul Wall, BlueFace, and many more.

Coming from nothing, Baldacci now has the opportunity to appreciate the finer things in life from hard work and never giving up on his dreams to succeed in his music. 

Baldacci's Billionaire Mindset is why Billionaire Hemp Wraps has partnered with him to launch the Baldacci Private Reserve with two amazing flavors - Baldacci Gold and Baldacci Black - that represents his love for the culture and smoking blunts with the finest herbs the world has to offer.    

Join Baldacci's and THE EFxFort Music's Instagram to learn more about upcoming news and events @thefaceofla @theefxfortmusic 

Also make sure to follow @billionairehempwraps@billionairehempwrapslifestyle  


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